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Our world has changed so much over the last few decades that there is a growing trend to seek a more natural way of life. The very reason you have come upon The Home Herbalist course is no accident.  You have been shown the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle for you and your family; a way of life that will bring you closer to nature and the powers of healing that are hidden within the plant realm. 

The Home Herbalist Online Course CoverIn this course you will learn about a large number of conditions and their symptoms, the herbs to treat those conditions, how to make herbal remedies; the correct dosages for all ages, gardening by the influence of the moon, the herbal dispensary, first aid using natural remedies, how and when to treat and prescribe herbal medicine for your family, including children, babies and animals; the herb garden, growing habits and the harvesting of herbs, the medicinal, magical and spiritual properties of herbs, how to live a happy and healthy life, and much more.  You will also learn the practice of herbalism from its beginnings in ancient times to the twenty-first century.

Packed full of delightful and practical information including colour photographs of every herb this course is a must for those who are seeking a more natural way of living and who have an interest in herbs, nature, natural healing, the old ways and the new.

For more information about the course please view the Course Content and Course Information pages.

by Belle Gibbons

The Home Herbalist Course Author and Tutor 

Updated 6th February, 2016


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