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Elderberry Flower Fritters

Elder FlowersThese fritters make a delightful and  delicately flavoured dessert, especially when served with double cream or vanilla ice-cream.

12 clusters of elderberry flowers

¼ cup plain flour

1½ cups water

1 egg

Oil for deep frying

Cut the stalks from the flower clusters leaving a small stub. Mix the flour, water, and egg together in a food processor or blender or if you don’t have these you can gradually whisk the water in to the flour and then the egg.

Heat enough oil to just cover the flowers to 190°C. If you don’t have a thermometer or deep fryer you can test the heat of the oil by dropping in a small cube of bread; if it browns in 1 minute then you will have the correct temperature.

Dip each cluster in to the batter and carefully slip it in to the oil. Cook them until they are golden brown turning them with a slotted spoon. Remove from the oil and drain on paper towel. Sprinkle with a little icing sugar if desired.

This recipe will serve four.

4 comments to Elderberry Flower Fritters

  • Jennie Settle

    Gotta try me one of these, got to wait for my elderflower to grow again first though, it has got buds on it so spring is springing!!!

    Have you got any recipes for lavender, tried an infusion the other day omg it was disgusting and it repeated for ages. Yuk yuk yuk xxxx

  • Hi Jennie, I laughed so much when I read about your lavender infusion! I didn’t think lavender flowers tasted that bad LOL. I will post some lavender recipes for you soon. Let me know what you think of the elder flower fritters when you get a chance to make them. xoxo

  • AnkeB

    What if you only have access to dried Elderflowers? I wonder if you used the water to make an infusion and that way get the elderflower taste, that should work, no?

  • Hi Anke,Your idea sounds great and it should work well – perhaps you could add some dried elder flowers to the batter too. I’d love to know how the fritters turn out if you do make them this way.