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Fresh Culinary Herbs In Your Kitchen

Purchased Fresh Culinary HerbsWhen cooking or making herbal remedies  I always prefer to use fresh herbs when they are available.  I also like to have easy access to them too if it’s possible. So far I have seven herbs – rosemary, thyme, parsley, sage, Greek basil, and oregano that I now have in constant supply. As many of you will know these herbs have both culinary and medicinal uses.

On the first of each month the little town where I live has a huge market where fresh potted herbs can be bought quite cheaply so at the New Year’s Day market I stocked up  with the above herbs.

They are so healthy and fresh and only cost two dollars or so each. I also purchased some clay pots and saucers at the local hardware store and they were inexpensive as well. Some time ago my niece had given me three lovely painted herb pots as a gift so I decided to use them too but any useful things such as old teapots and jugs can be used as long as they have holes drilled in the bottom of them and some type of saucer underneath.

Culinary Herbs On WindowsillSo I had fresh potted herbs and the pots to put in them in but I needed a place in the kitchen for them where they would get enough sun. Fortunately I have  deep windowsills in the kitchen and other parts of our cottage that we built last year, which are ideal for plants, however, when I had the idea to have potted herbs in the kitchen it was the end of winter and the sun was still shining on the windowsill above the sink. Now I have the herbs potted the sun has moved across the sky so, although they have good light, they don’t get enough sun. My husband, who could see I was quite disappointed, suggested I buy another lot of herbs and clay pots and swap them over every few days so they all get some time in the sun. Because the whole exercise is much cheaper and fresher than purchasing fresh herbs from the supermarket I’ll be off to the markets once again to stock up.

Potted Herbs on WindowsillPotted herbs can be grown anywhere in the house such as on a kitchen bench or near a window as long as they can get enough sun and if this isn’t possible then swapping them around like I’m going to do is an easy alternative and will ensure that there is always a continuous supply of the herbs of your choice.

Keep enjoying your herbs,


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