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Herbal Remedies Made from Roses

 Red Rose in Garden


Do you know there are over one hundred species of roses and many of them have medicinal properties? Many gardens include the common red rose which has long been a favourite in European folk medicine. 

Dried petals are infused to treat dizziness and headache and when combined with honey (added as a sweetener) the infusion is used as a blood purifier and nerve and heart tonic. A decoction of rose petals helps to treat mouth sores while a decoction made with wine helps to rejuvenate a tired body, ease uterine cramps and as a mouthwash  helps to relieve toothache. A cold compress made from the wine decoction and placed on the forehead will relieve  headache and a a few drops of the warmed decoction in the ear will help with earache. Rose honey is an ancient remedy for sore throat and an old remedy for headache is cloths soaked in rose vinegar and placed on the forehead. A tincture made from roses is also said to be very helpful for mild depression. 

Other roses can be used medicinally but red roses are said to be the best for medicinal uses. Don’t you just love nature? There are so many gardens growing red roses in the world yet so few people know of the plant’s medicinal properties. 

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