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KEY AREAS OF LEARNINGCalendula officinalis

  • A Brief History of Herbalism
  • The Actions of Herbs
  • Dosages for All Ages
  • Basic Botany/Plant Identification
  • The Medicinal Herb Garden
  • Companion Planting
  • Harvesting Herbs
  • The Herbal Dispensary
  • Simples and Formulas
  • Case Taking
  • Calculating and Preparing Herbal Prescriptions
  • Preserving and Storing Herbs
  • Fever Management
  • Treating the Body Systems
  • Treating Pets with Herbal Medicine
  • Herbs, Stars, and Planets
  • Detailed Description of Common Conditions, their Symptoms and Treatment
  • Detailed Descriptions of Medicinal Herbs including Medicinal Properties, and Colour Images
  • How to Make Herbal Remedies (instructions include colour images) : Infusions, Capsules, Hot and Cold Oil Infusions, Flower Essences, Ointments, Tinctures, Syrups and Oxymels, Foot and Hand Baths, Poultices, Compresses, and Decoctions
  • Treating Common Conditions of Babies and Children
  • Keeping Patient and Formula Records
  • Understanding Dis-ease: The Four Humours
  • How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life
  • First Aid using Natural Remedies
  • Natural Skin Care

Other subjects include:

  • Collecting and Preparing Plant Specimens
  • Emotional Aspects of Herbs
  • Herbs for Emotional and Spiritual Imbalances
  • Recording Harvested Herbs
  • Zodiac Signs and Medical Correspondences
  • Beneficial and Healing Foods
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Menopause, Menstrual Disorders, and Pregnancy

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Course Author and Tutor: Belle Gibbons